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Offering Keratin Treatments for Smoother Hair in Baton Rouge

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Don’t give up on attaining the smoother, shinier hair you’ve dreamed of. Our style artists at Shears Etc. in Baton Rouge can help put it within your easy reach. We offer the latest versions of the popular keratin hair treatment, which works in a variety of ways to make your coiffure silkier, softer and more manageable. You’ll adore the results, and you’ll find yourself falling more in love with your mane after just one session.

How This Benefits You

Keratin is a vital protein that is found in your hair, nails and skin. Our smoothing services restore this important molecular substance and structure into your strands, which can be stripped away easily by years of heat styling, chemical services, exposure to the elements and other hazards. This type of treatment coats your locks, filling in its porosity and reducing the chances of frizzing, breakage and tangles. Each follicle is enclosed by a protein bond that encourages healing and repels several types of environmental toxins, such as ultraviolet rays, smoke and pollution. The major benefits of this technique include a mane that is glossier, appears more luxurious and is easier to manage. Drying your smoothed tresses is much simpler, as your time using a blow dryer is significantly reduced. You also see an overall reduction in your daily styling time.

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You’ll be glad you invested in this innovative salon treatment. Imagine yourself rewarded with smoother, sleeker locks that are free of frizz and simpler to manage. Picture the minutes you’ll shave off your morning routine. If those aren’t convincing enough reasons to call us today at 225-275-0283 and book a consultation, maybe we should mention that we also offer body wraps for clients in Baton Rouge, Central and Denham Springs.