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Book Your Body Wrap Treatment in Baton Rouge

woman getting body wrap treatment
If you’ve never tried body wraps, you’re missing out on a relaxing, innovative treatment that can nourish your body and give you some much needed pampering. As part of the available spa services from Shears Etc. in Baton Rouge, many of our clients choose them for their wide range of benefits. Once you understand just how wonderful these treatments can be, you’ll want to schedule one yourself.
You might have heard of them before, perhaps as “body cocoons” or “body masks.” However, the principle behind these techniques remains the same. It involves the application of a customized substance, such as a nourishing oil or a mixture of natural ingredients, to your body. After this application, you are wrapped in a special type of bandage or film and then allowed to unwind in a relaxing environment. During this time, the wrap treatment goes to work, expelling toxins, dirt and excess water from your skin. After it’s removed, you’ll experience several pleasant aftereffects, including detoxified skin and the temporary smoothing and slimming of your contours. In addition, your skin’s condition is improved through the removal of dead cells and intensive hydration. Finally, you’ll enjoy a brief respite while you’re cocooned in the treatment as you relax by yourself in a tranquil atmosphere, giving you time to recharge and forget about your daily cares.

Pampering Clients in Denham Springs & Central

Besides body wraps, the beauty specialists at Shears Etc. provide many hair and skin care services for clients in Central, Denham Springs and Baton Rouge. Why not enjoy similar rejuvenating advantages for your face and book a facial session with one of our professionals? Call us today at 225-275-0283.